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About Us

Rony Schlussas started her General Nursing training  

in 1968. She worked in various Hospitals old age homes, establishing 

their clinic and did foot care for the elderly at the municipal clinic.

She started helping people with Cancer in their homes, and 

worked for Cancer Association and Hospice for many years. 

At the request of some medical aids she taught patients a healthy 

lifestyle, because they were not coping with diabetes and hypertension, and draining

their medical aid funds. At that time she also became a wound care specialist.

After that Rony worked in London for a few years, as a Deputy Home Manager.

Since 1990 she became interested in complementary therapies, and did various 

interesting courses to be able to help patients in a more holistic way. 

These include:

  • Reflexology, 

  • Reiki, 

  • Hypnotherapy and 

  • Hands-on Healing. 

In 2004 she bought her first biofeedback system, which now has been upgraded to the

INDIGO biofeedback system, and she has been passionate about it ever since.  

She states: "It is the best thing I ever thought of doing."

In July 2005, Rony started the Scio-Indigo Healing Centre in Jeffreys Bay and has since

built a substantial client base in the area.

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